Monthly Archives: May 2018

He dresses like a wolf

Jammed up warm against my thigh

Him, solid, not going anywhere


He seems to know the damage

A wrong word can do

He chooses with care his

Or, says little at all


His silence says nothing significant

His uncomplicated presence soothes


But  *see title


I close my eyes and

Leaning back

I listen

Frank Whats’isname

—Hey, Frank’s on the phone!

-Frank who?

—Frank O’Phile. The Irish fellow who drinks like a fish and digs French chicks

-Does he speak the lingo?

—Like a native, yes

-Lucky bastard. What does he want?

—Wait a mot. I can’t understand his accent. He’s asking for:  du pain, du beurre and du Bousin ….wtf!….. ‘scuse my French, mate

-Do what?  What ‘s he on about?

—I think he thinks we’re a restaurant.

-He’s probably been on the whisky again. Hang up


Tumble of Loose Parts

She’s unpinned as an itch of wild

without a stitch, she tumbles in

she’s become to thin, too sculptural

to capture in shifting brilliances


She came in on that

light, soft of night with

a moon caught like fruit in her teeth


She came in tasting of tangerines

and midnight oranges drenched her breath

sounding like rain or winter thaws


She came in on a

steady lash, a summer down pour

steeped in sky-dipped juices, the colours of bruises


She came in on that

tide, alive with stings of wasps, her

raspberry rich perfume invades the room


I came too


Same Sweet Magic

Lose what needs to be lost

the cost is too great to keep

shit, on a stick

even if it smells pretty pretty

slick, life is not about events and circumstances

that trap you, that trip you

but how you chose to respond to those same sames


you see what you already hold

change what you hold

change your glasses, wipe the lens

let go, let up

everything changes, look

to the present

not through the lenses of the past that shadows

shift and warp

the future is brighter magic magic

sharp as breath

the past is lost


this is where you

you were