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Ballad of Salad

I’m not a rabbit

don’t make me eat salad

I like potatoes and meat, me

you can

put in sweet herbs, if you like

to season it right

but give me steak, pork, chicken every night


I’m not some herbivore

so don’t make me

eat boring veggies, wait

I do like a bit of fruit

or the odd carrot, but I’m not a rabbit


What’s that you’ve got?

A bit of pumpkin and a turnip?

I’ll have that

Some swede and courgette, I’ll take

you can

put a bit on the edge of my plate

maybe some marrow tomorrow

perhaps some beetroot, as a boost



I’m not a grazer, me

you can’t, so

don’t make me eat greens

no peas, lettuce, beans

just leave them be, maybe

in the corner of my plate

if I get sick of potatoes and meat or

in case of constipation

I may consider them a treat

I may eat salad, you understand

just as a tonic

but I’m not a rabbit