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going extinct



Grotesque hawkers call

Picturesque veg, fruit, fish, meat

Roses, violets, sweets



The raucous noise of market callers used to fill the streets of London and other large towns in England. Each one distinct; gratingly musical calls to buy the fare on offer. Sadly, it’s all going silent as other ways of marketing vie for our attention.

would anyone like a refund?



little steam train breaks~

down in a bramble tunnel half~

way to Walsingham


Passengers had to wait half an hour for a Diesel engine to come to the rescue. Rainy and cold and carriages open to the air. The train did not have the decency to stop near any of the abundance of blackberries that had been passed on the interrupted journey. Heigh-ho!

Would anyone like a refund, the conductor asked…..

Dragged back to Wells station, never to reach destination

Insecure (for women only)



Men cannot be seen

Preening in mirrors. They must

Trust they’re the fittest.

n. b

as I watched a young woman checking out her face in a pocket mirror on the bus, I pondered that one would never see a man doing same in public.

women’s insecurity is big business and thus encouraged. no shame in it

we need to stop trying to look our best and just be our best

no reflection meant