what is the meaning of barbara?

who the hell do you think you are?


the echoes follow me like stray bogs snapping

the meaning is barbaric

and mean

they mean it to be mean

and to wipe the name from my being

making me nameless and nothing

like my very existence is this question/accusation

hung up ugly for all and sundry to see and to shun


barbara is strange / outlandish


i grow up strange and foreign-language absurdity

i give out sporadic flashes of eye-lit verdancy

no-one understands, see, i am shameless


barbara is emerald wit eloquence and foresight

watch out

weren’t expecting that?


barbara is a symbol such as

awareness love wisdom


light knowledge truth


how dare you….!


i claim you!

barabal – i give you my word i promise

bairbre – i avow you are nothing strange nor hellish


go forth and practice barbara

the protectrice against bitter

fire brimstones / lightning bones

reveal sincerity of feeling, sister


btw april 14 2021


Barbara: meaning strange or foreign / greek/ Bairbre /irish/ Barbabal / gaelic/

root of the word barbaric

spiritual meaning: symbol of knowledge or truth

precious stone: emerald

Barbara: protectrice against fire and lightning



Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that delves into the meaning of your first or last name. 

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