the land dangles charms

sprinkles pearls, bees, birds

sound answers, tugs beasts

and buds forth to birth ; churns

of complexity ; bursts

of simplicity ; betrayed

roil of restless

cobweb -dreams escape

to wake

for rapture


only creatures

see empty bounty

a season of plenty, so

a season of menace for

those whose treasure must be exposed

that freshest wet innocence brought forth

in inexorable trust , hunted



not a haiku


NaPoWriMo day 6 prompt : to write a variation of an acrostic poem. But rather than spelling out a word with the first letters of each line, I’d like you to write a poem that reproduces a phrase with the first words of each line. Perhaps you could write a poem in which the first words of each line, read together, reproduce a treasured line of poetry? You could even try using a newspaper headline or something from a magazine article.



in hindsight, i think i may have misread the prompt… oops twice!

P.s you will find the poem chosen (at random) below . I copied down the first words and avoided reading the poem so that I would not be influenced. I did, however count the words in each of her lines and kept the same in my own poem ( there is one line longer though , oops ( poetic licence?))

Poem chosen:

Late October by Maya Angelou



the leaves of autumn

sprinkle down the tinny

sound of little dyings

and skies sated

and roseate sunsets

roil ceaselessly in

cobweb greys and turns

to black

for comfort


Only lovers

see the fall

a signal end to endings

a gruffish gesture alerting

those who will not be alarmed

that we begin to stop

in order to begin


6 thoughts on “capture

  1. no, no, I don’t think you misread anything. This is the work of an artist sitting and doing the work. Tremendous work. Loved all your lines, Barbara. I felt as if you loan me a string of pearls to wear as I read. Honest, that’s how this felt to me. And I, in my PJs felt elegant. Thanks for giving me this moment. I bless you. Happy writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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