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stories of time

napowrimo day 10

bundles of hours awake through the flowers

flowers wail through the walls papered

in objects abjectleft to wallow

waiting for purpose


the old horn bought in Interlaken

by 20 yr old dad set loose on a bus

loose stamps packs of cards photographs of husband

kids curled at the corners rubberbanded balls

paper lined wood dustmarbles foreignnotes folded

flowerpetalspressed potpourridistressed winestains – waiting walls

wail patiently – maybe

just maybe

i’ll come home – maybe

bunches of flowers’ll meet me there.



not a haiku


april 10 2021




First song that came to my mind upon reading the prompt was Ben Howard’s Promise


Finally, here’s our daily prompt (optional, of course!). It’s called “Junk Drawer Song,” and comes to us from the poet Hoa Nguyen.

  • First, find a song with which you are familiar – it could be a favorite song of yours, or one that just evokes memories of your past. Listen to the song and take notes as you do, without overthinking it or worrying about your notes making sense.
  • Next, rifle through the objects in your junk drawer – or wherever you keep loose odds and ends that don’t have a place otherwise. (Mine contains picture-hanging wire, stamps, rubber bands, and two unfinished wooden spoons I started whittling four years ago after taking a spoon-making class). On a separate page from your song-notes page, write about the objects in the drawer, for as long as you care to.
  • Now, bring your two pages of notes together and write a poem that weaves together your ideas and observations from both pages.

Band’s Got the Runs

NaPoWriMo Day 3:- we challenge you to try this out yourself by writing a list poem in which all the items are made-up names. If band names don’t inspire, how about a list of titles for romantic novels? Or new television cop dramas? They can be as over-the-top as you like, because that’s (at least) half the fun. 

Which would ya like ta watch? Take ya pick, the music’s thick and thirsty fer ya ear’oles. Make it quick. Here ups the bill tonight.

7pm sharp. Tickets at the Door


Write a Note, Mate     always late, followed by

all the Greedy Spiders what glides like

a wet bunch of Beer-Buzz Soddoffs    what  lay about like

Roses in the Kitchen Cupboard   drunk like

Holey Shitty Water  dried on dark on

A Man A Lone dances to his own in

OXO Circles to the tune of

In The Skinny Blue through a true

Non-Nomadic Crowd toxic with Metal Bubbles

and no Damn Women Aloud!

Emergency Exiters to the left, Fire Hosers to the right

Now, let’s get this DigShin started, eh!