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look up complete

something familiar

too quick too complicated

to be cloud glimmer


a shadow passes

slow yet too quick to leave






swallow nests neat bowls

lined with mud birds dipping in

& out full of tweet


greedy for the sight

of people returning to

normal but not quite


my thoughts expand in

empty spaces multiply

in to silences


scent of a cloud sent

every day to confound sensée

raise my consciousness


look up to the sun

blushing wanting to be burnt

bitten kissed blinded


star in dark of mouth

after eons released north

guides my thoughts upwards


listen to the night

clear as no bell no moon sound

no thing else exists


moon’s pale it’s daytime

insubstantial birds flew past

midnight in to dawn


wind comes down to fill

open mouth sounds of petals

drifts lifted to cloud