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The farmer



Responsible for

So many lives. Most times for-

gets about his own


n.b. There are sheep and lambs and cows and chickens and baby chicks and a dog

that the farmer cares for

There are crows and pheasants and and swallows and swifts and rats and mice and sparrows and robins and a squirrel

that come to steal from the farm table

There is little time for communion with humans; for some R&R, for disconnection, for his partner

The farm is his life


Broad daylight or Dead of night

On thé farm


This week only….


Approx tally:


Half a spring lamb

One whole sheep

A dozen or so chickens

One fox




Fox attack


Heart attacks / Fox attacks

Shot by farmer




Shock and horror

Bewilderment plus two orphan lambs to bottle rear from here

Loss of profit

One less fox to worry about

*possibly uncounted cubs crying for mum

I learned today…3

On the farm


Chicken Run



Even pasture raised ones

Keel over

Have heart attacks

From over-eating

Growing too quick

Their bodies can’t

Keep up


It’s not their fault

It’s the new race

They’ve been bred that way

By us humans

To feed us humans

The plump beasts

The fat thighs

We desire

Nothing less

Than obesity



In the long run





Farm2Fork rocks.

Learning new things everyday.

Thanks Oliver White