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we sent in the clowns

(just a rough draft)


is this all there is

who wants to think like this

far too busy, too many worries

leave it to the starving artist and poets

at the end of the day, we need a laugh

a place to rest our weary heads


is this all there is

heart-sinkingly, we go on

and on, around, around un-merrily

punching Judies, doing our perceived duties

because, we think, this is all there is


is this our bliss

more of this

who wants to think like this

no thanks, to us

back to business, please


in this time of sickness

it must have been time

for a change of routine

we must have called for a circus

sent in the clowns to guide us

with fun-filled, righteous promise

and we got it, in guise of a virus

front row seats, popped corn and floss

and in fascinated horror, we watch this

so hauntingly unfunny



don’t we all love farce

we must love all the faults

the cracks in gods we exalt

we keep voting for cunts

is it more sickness

or time to HALT



to all the tearing around

without making a move

we must have approved

to the cracks in the ground

we all agreed

to be here, in greed

we trust

we must


watch this space

the greatest show on earth shows its face

will we want more clowns to make us sicker

for our future

or those with wings to uplift us into the bigger picture

there is more than this

there is

there is

though this darkest night

humanity ignites

shows its lights

blows the top off

the big toffs

shows them up without their make-up

made-up rhetoric, their fancy pants down

they are only lowly lonely angles

allow them to bow their way out

tomorrow will not be to follow

the fools of gold or starred spangles

de-clown the garden

release the beasts of our burden

find our paradise

this is all there is



April 22 2020

Café 7, St Prex


after a song by Judy Collins

Send in the Clowns

and inspiration from the Universe