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broken chains

napowrimo day 13


following the quiet massive uprise of the masses

after all the lies exposed during the corona crises

another shockwave hits life-as-it-was


it has been announced today the simultaneous

closing of several, if not all, worldwide giant food chains


governments and global big pharma are reeling and regret their demise

but us regular joes have spoken out by wallet-voting out the extraneous


there’s no one spokesperson for the provocation

that tipped the point, but the overall impression

is that folks took back control of their own selfs

chose organic meat, fruit & veg; looked after their healths


for the planet, a greater sigh of relief

for the practices of imprisoning animals labeled beef,

spraying of poisons, laying of neutered seeds on earth, are banned

people return to the land, to feed ourselves cleanly as planned


tomorrow’s headline:- Eden, no longer a myth…so it begins


not a haiku


btw april 13 2021



Today’s prompt comes from the Instagram account of Sundress Publications, which posts a writing prompt every day, all year long. This one is short and sweet: write a poem in the form of a news article you wish would come out tomorrow.

Happy writing!