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hers/his master’s voice

oh, my dog, why have you forsaken me?

faithful pal, where are you now?

not a woof or whimper around here now

though i see my face in your silky pupil still

the warmth of your heart warms my feet at night

the confident stride that matched mine missing still

no other paw prints but mine drawn in the sand


i’m here waiting, oh my dog, your water bowl is filled

oh, doggone-it

you’re gone, non?

i search for answers


scooby doo, where are you?

lassie, please come home

snoopy, i hear you say~ you only die once but live every day

muttly, you snigger so dastardly, is the joke on me?

toto knows though, there’s no place like home

….. the light bulb moment…

i cock my ears and hear

listen for the subliminal whistle

calling her/him calling me

oh my dog, i got it wrong?

or backwards?

god only knows…


not a haiku


NaPoWriMo day 17:-

’s a prompt developed by the comic artist Lynda Barry, and it asks you to think about dogs you have known, seen, or heard about, and then use them as a springboard into wherever they take you.

The farmer



Responsible for

So many lives. Most times for-

gets about his own


n.b. There are sheep and lambs and cows and chickens and baby chicks and a dog

that the farmer cares for

There are crows and pheasants and and swallows and swifts and rats and mice and sparrows and robins and a squirrel

that come to steal from the farm table

There is little time for communion with humans; for some R&R, for disconnection, for his partner

The farm is his life