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Menu, for the discerning Connaisseur, svp

Day 7:-a poem based on a news article.

Glopowrimo / Napowrimo 2020


Monsieur, pray

be seated

for the feast may

commence à l’instant

the wine is poured


Here for your dining pleasures

an array of curious pairings

guaranteed to enhance tastes

and delight base yearnings


to this lofty destination

may we make the following suggestions

in no particular order



Malbec goes well with baked beans on toast or marmalade ladies

try it with salted porridge posset or cherry blossom brandies


Riesling goes well with fluffy white rice

Sauvignon Blanc is perfect with delicate spiced mice


a chilled glass of Zinfandel

is the accompaniment, one can tell

for a handful of rocky mountain oysters*

shaken, never stirred


a prairie oyster**, on the other hand

would seem quite bland without the pre-requisite exquisite

packet of Tim-Tams***, slammed+


Cabernet sauvignon is quite a song

when drunk along with faggots or haggis

Pinot Grigio goes a treat sipped with

Jammy Dodgers**** or cheesy maggots++


If you’d care for a nibble of witchetty grubs*****, Monsieur, crispy grasshoppers or such

or a feed of fried spiders or wasp crackers, then please match these, their oily crunch

with an appetizer of Chai Lattes or Mai-Tai’s, well sucked


Perfect appeal, Mint Julep with June bugs on a hot summer’s night

Cold frosted beer with silky whelks and sticky eels, well congealed

is just right


Don’t you think?

Monsieur, are you feeling alright?


You may enquire, what’s the correct drink for stink heads****** and picked eggs?

A violet, violent, crimson rich Syrah with good legs, perhaps


While, à l’instant, Monsieur, we notice your sudden sickly smile


you would care for a simple tisane of mint and chamomile?







*Rocky Mountain Oysters:  deep fried, battered bull’s testicles


**Prairie Oysters: raw egg yolk, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar and/or Tabasco, salt and black pepper. Popular cure for a hangover


***Tim-Tams: chocolate covered chocolate covered biscuits from Australia. +Tim-Tim Slam: sucking tea through the filling of the biscuit, before the biscuit dissolves in the hot liquid


**** Jammy Dodgers: Jam filled shortbread biscuits from the UK


***** Witchetty grubs: Native to Australia, large, white wood-eating larvae eaten by Aboriginals


Crispy grasshoppers, deep fried spiders and wasp crackers exist. Asian delicacies

++Maggot Cheese is Sardinian. A sheep’s milk cheese containing live insect larvae. Called Casu Marzu


****** Stink heads: fermented head of king salmon , buried and left underground for weeks. ( omg!)



April 7 2020



Café 7, St. Prex












these dreams are sighs

Day 4.:- takes its cue from our gently odd resources, and asks you to write a poem based on an image from a dream.

Glopowrimo / Napowrimo 2020



these are dreams


no-one cares

to listen out for

these are dreams for





a soul slinks off for


stammering over broken glassescurled up in cornerssymbols staggering masquerading as prayerssprinkled with paprikamint and see salt


a soul holds out for


hanging off fangs off were wolveshowl sickled&scythed along veins&skeins  of lightening’s shuddering with mirth


a soul breathes in for


illusion bathed tendrils on frondedfingers stalled between stars&seeds crossed over as jewelsdripped in lovers heavy heartedbirdsongs wanting the coldest of snow nests


a soul flies in for


darknesses jasmined off wingless pickings frail as elephant skins&childish giggles echoing over absent truthes and creeping tongues of loosened citrus skies


these are the seams

running running running

for their lives

for their dearest illusive lives



these are thinnest in the mornings

as we rise

simmering still off lips still yawning

over toast and marmite and cooling tea

pass the sugar, hon, please

he sighs


these are the dreams that slink off for

you to live a ‘normal’ life



April 4, 2020


no applause encore

standing on water

up to my elbows

i bow


sweeping up shards of wine

glasses askewed from soapy fingers

while washing up sedimentary dregs


all that time and effort wasted reduced

to chinks caught in bristles     cut my fingers

while shaking out the tiny cruel jewels


wincing from the inability to un-smite     to turn

back the instant i lost interest and floated off      my fingers

un-enthused distracted by phosphorescences incandescences


i forget my feet which are there bit and bare

as fishes swimming flushed embarrassed raw

through a sea of another damned and blasted breathless mess


how they flash their unrest lightening lighting up

below the ache      the scintillating sound that hits just

the right note as water surges up and over still dancing fingers


sweeping while washing

dishes while dishing wishes

glassed up and up


all this is accidental

of course

i enjoyed the wine as well

watched it winking in the crystal

balled up drank it filled up the sink up

up and up

all this is orchestrated

from above instrumental

my fingers are innocent

unblemished bystanders

squeaky clean yet cut

my feet leave




Day 1:-Napowrimo prompt: Write a self-portrait as a metaphor.

Not sure I met the brief….

Day One