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these dreams are sighs

Day 4.:- takes its cue from our gently odd resources, and asks you to write a poem based on an image from a dream.

Glopowrimo / Napowrimo 2020



these are dreams


no-one cares

to listen out for

these are dreams for





a soul slinks off for


stammering over broken glassescurled up in cornerssymbols staggering masquerading as prayerssprinkled with paprikamint and see salt


a soul holds out for


hanging off fangs off were wolveshowl sickled&scythed along veins&skeins  of lightening’s shuddering with mirth


a soul breathes in for


illusion bathed tendrils on frondedfingers stalled between stars&seeds crossed over as jewelsdripped in lovers heavy heartedbirdsongs wanting the coldest of snow nests


a soul flies in for


darknesses jasmined off wingless pickings frail as elephant skins&childish giggles echoing over absent truthes and creeping tongues of loosened citrus skies


these are the seams

running running running

for their lives

for their dearest illusive lives



these are thinnest in the mornings

as we rise

simmering still off lips still yawning

over toast and marmite and cooling tea

pass the sugar, hon, please

he sighs


these are the dreams that slink off for

you to live a ‘normal’ life



April 4, 2020