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fare well

i used to know my sister

til i knew her too well

i don’t miss her


i used to work as a school teacher

i learned to show and not tell

i don’t miss this either


i used to paint fine art pictures

i’d stick them up on walls to sell

not one was a keeper


i let them all go

used up

i used to try to think

i used to be a dreamer

i stopped

i started

to linger

in liminal places

erasing these faces

i surrender

to a sweeter power


i woke up to be her

but who is she, ma belle?


not a haiku


NaPoWriMo day 21 prompt:-

write a poem in which you first recall someone you used to know closely but are no longer in touch with, then a job you used to have but no longer do, and then a piece of art that you saw once and that has stuck with you over time. Finally, close the poem with an unanswerable question.