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on landing

thought I was flying ~

down through clouds

~ but this is smoke!

Sydney is burning





reporting from Sydney airport – in transit north

, on the news, it seems unreal or at best, distant.

i am a witness.

from this stage, i wave

to the rest of the world

this is real! this is acrid. this is thick. this stinks. this is toxic. this is shocking.

please please be shocked. Please please act.

here i stand. witness to this

not waving, but burning

Echos of Lost

Napowrimo day 26. Write a call and response poem. Like a call to arms or a hail.

A call I call from a cliff; a precipice
Clothed in the skin of sky so freely given
Still, I long for blue

“Is it you, you?”    “It is me, you. It is”

I can’t hear it
The wind whips it away, I say

A call I call; repeated becomes a habit
A call I call, not a listen

“Is it you, you!?” ” It is me, you. It is”


“Is it. Is it Is it is is is……?”

Reverberations naked on the wind

“Yes, truly. Yes”

I didn’t believe it. I didn’t hear it. Kept calling it

Desperate voice on a precipice

“Is it you, you?”

Yes. Yes.I felt it. All through skin and sky. Through to my eyes

The Yes. The blesséd Yes.

” Yes. It is me, you. But is it truly you?”

Ahhhh, there I fell through