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contrary to popular opinion

i couldn’t care less

about corona or other viruses

or politicians or other tyrants

or other murderous or even sadder rants

and gloomy-dooms and wars bore me


don’t sit by me

and try to inform me

of the importance of keeping abreast of current events

and if you wish to discuss incessantly

any thing on the evening news

you lose

i couldn’t give a toss

tell me

are you at a loss at this unpopular opinion?

trust me

though i shan’t convince you

i have practiced dominion over nothing

but my own thoughts

my mind finds thankful kindness

and seeks only kindred souls to hold

i’m mine to behold

this is my default

my attention cannot be bought

your experience matters not one jot

you go for it

but i chose differently

where my focus goes

my energy flows

so don’t try to infect me

with negativity

i’m not on the fence

i live someplace else

care to visit?


not a haiku


NaPoWriMo day 15 prompt

This one may seem counter-intuitive, but today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about something you have absolutely no interest in. This isn’t quite the same, I think, as something you’re indifferent to. For example, I have absolutely no interest in investment strategy. Anytime anyone tries to tell me about it, I want to put my fingers in my ears and go “lalalalalala.” My brain tries to shut down! This is honestly kind of funny, and I think this prompt has value precisely because it invites you to investigate some of the “why” behind resolutely not giving two hoots about something.

the living end

napowrimo day 21


tell it….don’t tell it…i can’t because

it wasn’t midnight – that’s just one minute

it wasn’t eternity – that just a concept

it wasn’t a toast of glasses

it wasn’t a fumbling of cusses

it wasn’t a teacup of grief – gulp it!

it wasn’t beyond all belief – swallow it!

tell it…. don’t tell it… i can’t because

it wasn’t a blizzard – there must be a sky

it wasn’t a prison – there must be a key

it wasn’t a limit unfurled

it wasn’t the end of the world

what was it… what was it…. don’t tell it…i can’t because…

it wasn’t revealed until it congealed

it wasn’t sealed until it was too late to see what it was

it wasn’t fate…was it

it was … it was

darknesses drunk

princely forevers

faith trapped

frozen diamond

universe stalled

tightened bonds

cut neat ever after

words spoken never

never ever tell what it was, only what

it wasn’t

it wasn’t – i promise

til death

parts – us

to the living end – with this breath

i won’t tell…..i can’t because.


btw april 21 2021



Have you ever heard or read the nursery rhyme, “There was a man of double deed?” It’s quite creepy! A lot of its effectiveness can be traced back to how, after the first couplet, the lines all begin with the same two phrases (either “When the . . .” or “Twas like,”). The way that these phrases resolve gets more and more bizarre over the course of the poem, giving it a headlong, inevitable feeling.

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that, like this one, uses lines that have a repetitive set-up. Here’s an example I came up with after seeing this video of . . . a bucket of owls.

Bucket List

Several owls can fill a bucket.

Several buckets can fill a wheelbarrow.

Several wheelbarrows can fill a truckbed.

Several truckbeds can fill a song.

Several songs can fill a head.

Several heads can fill a bucket.

Several buckets filled with heads and owls

Sing plaintive verse all night long.