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A for Apple and other fun facts

I can’t believe this is the last day!! I’m on-my-knees exhausted and nearly out of words, but what a blast it has been. Here’s the last one, I think…  A prose poem. A postcard. Almost Again.

hashtag with blue background behind

Hey, Sweetie, you can put a stamp on, although many have tried, you can’t order me — alphabetically speaking
the longest word I know that does that is — ALMOST, ordered correctly A-Z
and you almost can, if you reverse a bit and look me up back to front. (see details on some website or other, btw)
A bit obscure, for you, if not almost for me — try looking up this apple, honey

1% of all women can achieve 100% orgasm just by stimulating their breasts can I be one of them?? Almost. I’ve tried. I’ve fiddled with the knobs, but I just can’t get off —
(tried for 37 minutes which is the average for any sexual experience)

That’s not working. Wait, babe.  I can’t find the hashtag button on my Apple Mac either,
(which is called an octotoph in any man’s language.) Why don’t I have one when 99% of the population seem to have access?? I can’t type octotrophmetoo, can I? Sounds cracked.
metoo metoo metoo
Another fun fact — A duck’s quack doesn’t echo and though they’ve tried, no-one can figure that out.  Sounds quacked. Quack Quack Quack. Lack of interest? — how about this chestnut?

An estimated millions or precisely a more or less of trees are sprouted from the nuts buried by forgetful squirrels. Bless their cotton socks, the furry nut jobs! Or, are they on a mission no-one knows about?? Almost, I imagine. The bees can’t do all the work, honey!
There was that Johnny Appleseed, of great and noble deed, who planted appleseeds and grew trees too. He only did it though so as folks could be pressed to distill apple juice to cider and get pissed. weird. I almost bless him as well. For the moonshine, hashtagCheers!
Sweet Sweet Sweet!

btw 30/04/2018

Napowrimo Day 30:-write a poem that engages with a strange and fascinating fact. It could be an odd piece of history, an unusual bit of art trivia, or something just plain weird.