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NaPoWriMo day 3


gimme gimme gist

of flitter-fly-by thirst

tacky-tracked along

a wrist ~ what’s the worst

delishous twist what tastes

of burnt stealth beneath

a waist ~ ( titter twitter )


gimme gimme midnight stake

bubble double take ~ wait!

anticipation’s perfect gurgle’s

urgent song ~ clickerty-clacks along

a back ~ frissons released once

upon a twice a teasel


a breeze blocked

oh gods!

up and downs and up to no goods

my bads!

my best belovèd’s

blooded boned & skinned

pulsed licked & cracked



gimme gimme fumes plumes

faster grimaces gasped

whacks of magicks regurgitated mismanaged

damaged criminal crimsons

tortured turquoise spinning

upwards cussed to guttural hungers


how to linger thus

tipped over fingered just

shimme shimme ~ got!


chimney-potted ~ pop!

best besotted~ stop!



And now for our prompt. This one is a bit involved, which is why I’m giving it to you on a Saturday. Today, I’d like to challenge you to make a “Personal Universal Deck,” and then to write a poem using it. The idea of the “Personal Universal Deck” originated with the poet and playwright Michael McClure, who gave the project of creating such decks to his students in a 1976 lecture at Naropa University. Basically, you will need 50 index cards or small pieces of paper, and on them, you will write 100 words (one on the front and one on the back of each card/paper) using the rules found here.

Don’t agonize over your word choices. Making the deck should be fun and revealing, as you generate words that sound “good” to you. The fact that the words are mainly divided among the five senses should be helpful in selecting words that you like the sound of, and that have some meaning personal to you. For example, my deck contains “harbor,” “wool,” “murmur,” “obsidian,” and “needle.”

Once you have your deck put together, shuffle it a few times. Now select a card or two, and use them as the basis for a new poem.