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sufferagette ( haikuplet )

i have a right to

pour my poor breasts into Bra

stand up for this, girls!


( no suffering required )


i réserve thé right

of removal of said Bra

with relief at night


( hurl it to the floor !)


bra is my friend and

foe, my own bosom’s buddy

i’d never burn it


(what true feminist would?)



700 streak

hello dear visitor

hello kind reader


WordPress informs me that i have posted consistently a haiku and/or poem each day for 700 days. i wonder how many of them you have read. it’s fun to think about.

i began posting each day back in 2018 before my daughter’s wedding, knowing that i would only have time to pen shorter poetic forms during that time. it became part of my morning routine so easily that i kept it going. i calculate more than 700 days, but i’m happy to celebrate the milestone

would you like to guess at how many you may have read and drop me a comment below?

thank you, dear reader, dear visitor, for sharing the experience with me

with my appreciation