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look up complete

something familiar

too quick too complicated

to be cloud glimmer


a shadow passes

slow yet too quick to leave






swallow nests neat bowls

lined with mud birds dipping in

& out full of tweet


greedy for the sight

of people returning to

normal but not quite


my thoughts expand in

empty spaces multiply

in to silences


scent of a cloud sent

every day to confound sensée

raise my consciousness


look up to the sun

blushing wanting to be burnt

bitten kissed blinded


star in dark of mouth

after eons released north

guides my thoughts upwards


listen to the night

clear as no bell no moon sound

no thing else exists


moon’s pale it’s daytime

insubstantial birds flew past

midnight in to dawn


wind comes down to fill

open mouth sounds of petals

drifts lifted to cloud

heavenly azured delights

Day 6:- prompt is ekphrastic in nature – but rather particular! Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem from the point of view of one person/animal/thing from Hieronymous Bosch’s famous (and famously bizarre) triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights.


All I could see was blue. So, i ignored the earthly delights and went heavenly instead.

Glopowrimo / Napowrimo 2020


here lies an ekphrastic thingy

from a snippet of the triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch



azured space powdered up high


so, the mountains aren’t true blue in close up

nor, i appeal, are they true mountains in close up


look, they’re peel & skins & diverse crockeries

chaotic crazinesses overlapped to look like what they’re not

frolicking on horizons tucked up, booked

jacketed & coated in pelts in different hues

indifferent to what you think

what you feel is blue


even so, below, there are pink & green constructs scented on puffs of

various prancing dancing warthogs & other such stuffs

look up


off in the distance, mountains are sprouting & casting off

shapes of water, in discs & leaves, blooming from heavings soft

on skies & lines from which are strung songs of suns and moons

look back


so, the trees, that seem real, aren’t trees at all

nor are they blue, either, are the whispered hushes that issue from them

nor are the bushes, ensued in blues, that call in small calls & scented glints


there are no bluebells no blue irises butterflies birthday cakes blue buntings blue jays blue eyes hiding from view

all this blue was painted in illusionary tones long long ago recedingly exceedingly

lapped at the landscape backed at murmurations capering so

lazy as amniotic calm in cobalts & Prussians, turquoises & Persians, watered down



so, all there is to do is to lean all the way back surrender to this

in bliss and immerse yourself in this balm in this

tiny portion of a portrait that isn’t about blueness at all


April 6 2020






seed to swallow

Day 3:-and asks you to write a poem using random rhyme words. Here goes….

Glopowrimo / Napowrimo 2020


what do we see in the swallows

lifts us upright out of the fallows

where we left a small warm spot

cleft where we’d lain entwined; tiny frayed knots


what we see in those birds darts

and dashes right up through our hearts

left to compost down here yet where glimmers

sweet prayers in dirt rest;  blooms out from inners


what we see in dark decisive creatures

diminutive against the mighty expanse; features

untangle us from slumbers and husks to glimpses stolen

off the great plate of sky up where freedom is swollen


what were we to meet captured douce from this distance

tendered loose on puffy breasts, sharp winged persistence

see, not a thing is left to rest for long

come summer, something this way comes



April 3, 2020