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perihelion, January 4, 2023

have i got the sun?

it came quite close at 4.10

large enough to touch





This is the time our earth is actually closest to the sun, the beautiful star our earth orbits around.

It’s like one of those secret days which has become forgotten or lost in the midst of time.
Yes I am speaking about Perihelion day which this year falls on Wed 4th Jan at precisely 4:17pm GMT
‘Peri’ means near and ‘helion’ stems from the Greek word helios for sun.

The earth’s orbit is elliptical which allows it to have a moment in the year where it is nearest to the sun (perihelion) and furthest away (aphelion).

The Perihelion always falls at the end of the tide of Yule around 14 days after the winter solstice each year between 1st-6th Jan.
Yes ironically in the northern hemisphere when it is cold and with reduced daylight hours our earth is closest to the sun.
That means on this day…if the skies are clear, the sun will appear at it’s largest, and then dwindle in size for the rest of the year (in the northern hemisphere).

This tide was deeply revered in ancient times…but it got co-opted by Christianity in the form of the celebration of the day of Ephiphany.
You see the revealing of the baby Jesus to the 3 Kings on 6th Jan, is very much to do with the earths’ alignement with the perihelion of the sun ~ the revealing of the son/sun.

The sun is the most important star in our solar system, without it most life on planet earth ceases to exist, and ‘alas we have forgotten to celebrate and connect with it on this day when the earth is closest to it. I find this strange as it is always announced astronomically when we have a super moon or when certain planets are closest to the earth during the year.
So I say ~ let us reinvigorate the celebration of the Sun and it’s closeness to our earth on the perihelion day each year! ☀️💛

In alchemy the sun is the heart of our universe and is aligned with the metal gold.
And the human heart is our own inner sun. We are also born with minute amounts of gold in our hearts too 🥰
What is within, is without.

So on this day if you would like to align with the Sun, and your inner sun, your heart.
All you have to do is bring your awareness into your heart space. And feel the radiant warmth in the centre of your chest.
It is so effortlessly aligning and allows you to come into contact with the inner light of winter. The spirit of Yule.
It is also a day to see what messages the sun may have for you too. To see what inner realizations and epiphanies may be revealed.

And on the exact time of the perhelion where ever you are in the world you may like to send your Solstice/new year wishes out inot the universe upon the flames of the sun
The sun shall be very receptive and listening.

And feel how the perihelion feels like in your body. Feel how this alignment feels like in the universe. Feel it all.

And make a wish! 💫